David (dmm1961) wrote in pornoslut711,

I stumbled on this group while just browsing around...so what the fuck...

1.)Name? David

2.)Age? Old enough to know better but too young to resist...or 44

3.)Sex? Male

4.)Virgin? This is a trick question, right? Fuck no.

5.)Straight/Gay/Bi? Straight

6.)Love Porno? Yes and no. I like porn, but I prefer girls-only porn, no guys

7.)If Yes To #4 What Is Your Favorite Position/If No What Position Sounds Good? 69 or doggie

8.)Do You Masturbate Often, And If So, How Often Per Week? 4 or 5 times a week

9.)Do you Have Many Naughty Sexual Fantasies? If So, What Is You're Favorite? I'd like to hook up with a just barely legal girl and totally dominate her and have her totally at my command.

10.)Name One Fetish, And Why You Enjoy It So. I live to eat pussy. I also like to watch girls masturbate.

11.)Who Do You Wish Would Make A Porno Film Just For You? I'd like to see the Olsen twins tied up and forced to eat each other, then they both fuck each other with strap-on dildos, then they both get spanked hard.

12.)Wanna Bang Any Of The Members Of This Community? Sure, why not

13.)If Yes To 12, who? Anybody who's female and legal (16 is legal in my state)
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