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1.)Name: Shawn
2.)Age: 19
3.)Sex: Male
4.)Virgin: No
5.)Straight/Gay/Bi: Straight
6.)Love Porno: Very much
7.)If Yes To #4 What Is Your Favorite Position/If No What Position Sounds Good? Standing in the shower.
8.)Do You Masturbate Often, And If So, How Often Per Week? Yes, 3-4 times a week, unless I get little sex.
9.)Do you Have Many Naughty Sexual Fantasies? If So, What Is You're Favorite?: Yeah, mostly multiple women and me. Very hot and wet.
10.)Name One Fetish, And Why You Enjoy It So: Fishnets and group sex. I want more than one woman at a time.
11.)Who Do You Wish Would Make A Porno Film Just For You?: Aria Giovanni
12.)Wanna Bang Any Of The Members Of This Community?: Yes
13.)If Yes To 12, who?: Any hot girls.
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