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1.)Name? Hethyr
2.)Age? 18
3.)Sex? Female
4.)Virgin? no
5.)Straight/Gay/Bi? straight with bisexual tendencies
6.)Love Porno? amazingly
7.)If Yes To #4 What Is Your Favorite Position/If No What Position Sounds Good? bent over something... like a bed or table or car
8.)Do You Masturbate Often, And If So, How Often Per Week?  6+
9.)Do you Have Many Naughty Sexual Fantasies? If So, What Is You're Favorite? I'm very changing. it's been anywhere from rape, beastiality, gang bangs, bondage. i'm not quite sure where i'm at now though
10.)Name One Fetish, And Why You Enjoy It So. giving head. i know its simple but i love making a guy get off. i love him cumming in my mouth.
11.)Who Do You Wish Would Make A Porno Film Just For You? my 8th grade chorus teacher and the mexican cook at the place i work
12.)Wanna Bang Any Of The Members Of This Community? probably.
13.)If Yes To 12, who? i'm into older guys

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